Wrap & Pack Guide


Follow our packing guide below to ensure your desktop makes it to our facilities safely.

Step 1

Upon receiving the requested custom box, please inspect its contents. Along with the box, you should receive a roll of tape, 24 sheets of bubble wrap, printed return options and a return shipping label.

Step 2

Place six pieces of bubble wrap on a flat surface. Carefully place the desktop on the bubble wrap and tape shut to ensure it is safe for travel.

Step 3

Line 16 pieces of bubble wrap across the bottom and sides of the provided box. Place eight in one direction and eight in the other, creating a large plus sign.

Step 4

Place bubble-wrapped desktop into the prepared box.

Step 5

Add the keyboard and mouse on top.

Step 6

Fold excess bubble wrap over the top and fold around the sides. Once all bubble wrap is inside the box, seal it using the provided tape.

Step 7

Once the box is secure, take the provided return shipping label and place it over the existing shipping label on the box. It is important that no part of the previous shipping label is visible.

Step 8

If your box contains a lithium battery handling sticker, place it on the outside of the box as well.

Step 9

Your box is ready to be shipped! Use the return options on the sheet included in your package to either schedule a pick-up or find a drop-off location.